Sail repairs, new sails, valeting and storage at the Brighton Marina Premier sail loft. 

Your local dealer for Jeckells and Elvstrom sails.

Update from the loft.

Phil ( the old one ) has been joined by Jeremy ( the young one ) who started with us some 8 months ago working on sail repairs and ropeworks, a much needed addition to assist with this winters sail maintenance program and beyond for our customers existing and new.

Jeremy is an experienced yachtsman with a wealth of knowledge to help build on and extend the services we have been building over the last years.


An established sail clinic in Brighton marina with our own qualified sail maker, we are able to inspect your sails on our in house purpose made bench. Free sail inspections ensure you know what is needed to maintain your sail, come and discuss our recommendations, from new UV's, repairing rips, re stitching, new leech lines and webbings with all work undertaken in our own workshop.

We have a heated, racked and secure 450 sq ft sail locker available for short term storage of your sails over the winter or when you have time ashore, so much better than putting them in your lounge or worse in the roof or garage, and the good news is there is no charge for this service, we do also offer longer term storage, please ask for details and costs.

Keeping your sails clean is more important than you think, they represent a large investment, maintaining them in good condition is important in prolonging the life and efficiency of them. All our sail cleaning is done by a professional valeting company, we do a weekly trip to them, ensuring your sails get the best personal attention available, also available M5 fungicidal process and the Seal n Glide coating, transforming sails especially spinnakers making them easier to use and giving them a new lease of life.